WELCOME TO Planter's Pick

In this super moving world, nutrition has become a luxury. Lack of time and unabated cravings, takes you to a fast food restaurant, to the tasty but unhealthy dishes.

If you think more, it is like a vicious circle; where there is taste, there is no health and vice versa. Have you ever thought, whether there is a meeting point of health and taste? This is the point where we, Planter's Pick step in.

Planter's Pick offer you a wide array of handpicked dry fruits, roasted nuts, vegetable chips, grains and seeds to your on to go daily fast paced lifestyle. We are dedicated in delivering you with highest quality of dry fruits to cater your needs and guarantee instant crunch and munch towards a delicious and healthy diet.



Our Products

Our ground spices are one hundred percent (100%) pure and authentic
backed by lab results

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